Mission and Core Values

We seek conscientiously to reflect the best thinking in the field of early childhood education and to create an environment that will encourage the healthy growth of young children. Play experiences are the curriculum of the nursery school. We believe that through play, young children grow to their highest potential in all areas of life: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. Play enables the development of all of these areas simultaneously, integrating them into an environment of growth and learning for the children. We encourage children and their families to share in the school program and thereby enjoying these “magic years” together. With the assistance of family and friends, the teachers and staff are able to develop a joint understanding of the children’s needs and strengthen mutual goals for home and school.

We encourage children to ask questions, and our mission is to help them find meaningful answers. Our teachers excite their curiosity about the world around them. With a focus on children’s social and emotional growth at this age, we set the stage for intellectual development. Summerville’s play-based family environment helps them interact warmly with other children and adults, find pleasure in developing new skills, gain a healthy understanding of their feelings and learn to deal with them constructively. Within a play based milieu, children are able to develop self-discipline, self-regulation skills and learn to love themselves and the world around them.