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You will find many documents such as Committee Job Descriptions or the SNS Parent Handbook in the Forms section. You will find helpful articles and resources like Healthy Snack Ideas and Why Play is so Important in the Helpful Information section. Updates from the School Board including meeting times and Board Meeting Minutes can be found in the Board section. Be sure to let us know if you were looking for something and couldn’t find it!

 Looking for someone?

School Administrator: Stephanie Beardsley 266-0883

Educational Consultant: Kristen Brennan 414-6753

The current list of school board members can be found on the SNS Board News page. Teachers’, Classroom Coordinators’ and Classroom Assistant Coordinators’ contact info can be found on the individual class pages.

We have a new logo!

At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year the board introduced the idea of updating the SNS logo. With input from the teachers, staff and parents we have chosen a design. It echos the well loved logo that has served us for many years with an updated design that works well both in full color and in silhouette. Watch for the transition from our old logo to the new one in the months to come. From new field trip pinnies to the masthead on the website we will be rolling out the new look little by little!