When looking for a school, my wife and I found Summerville.  While we were confident it was going to be a great place for our children to grow and learn, we had no idea how much our whole family would benefit.  The true co-op nature of the school helps parent become a part of their child’s first education experience. It also helped us as a family meet more families in Irondequoit.  The sense of community within the walls of the nursery school expanded constantly.  The classroom experience is second to none.  We have two children, and like most kids, they are very different.  Our son thrived with the play-based learning, and at the same time our quick-to-learn daughter also got challenged daily.  I truly feel the transition into kindergarten was seamless because of the experience at Summerville.  While play-based, the teacher’s expertise in children’s education gives kids everything they need for a successful first year of “big-kid” school.  

Mark, Irondequoit  

From the moment our family walked into Summerville we felt welcomed. Our son was supported and guided throughout his three years at SNS by caring hearts, both teachers and staff, who went above and beyond to ensure our son felt welcomed and his interests enriched while at school. Our son grew to love school during his time at Summerville and we’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. Summerville holds a very special place in our hearts. We cannot recommend SNS enough. What a wonderful way to introduce children to their school years!

Shanna Murray

Summerville Nursery School gave our first 3 children the most positive and nurturing first school experience. The teachers embrace each child’s unique characteristics and help them grow through creative play-based experiences.  As an educator myself, this model was extremely appealing to me.  We loved getting to be a part of their education, from the start, through the co-op experience, and we met so many wonderful families, who are now friends, in the process! Summerville helped my children to find new interests and develop confidence in the process. My children loved preschool and developed a lifelong love of learning, which has served them well as they travel through elementary school now. It is a truly magical place and I’m so grateful for all that we learned there!  We can’t wait to return with our youngest two!  

Kate Macri